October 31, 2008

Someone suggested that I mention a few of the sources that I use in studying the BooK of Acts.  Here are a few: 

The NIV Archaelogical Study Bible – I love the interesting notes and articles of a passage regarding its historical setting, geography, archaelogical discoveries, and non-biblical sources that complement the Scriptures.  If you are wondering about what to put on your Christmas list, this is a good one.

NIVBible Commentary (Actually, I think it’s specific name is the Expositors Commentary).  A friend of mine, Scott Olson, gave me a CD which I just loaded onto my computer.   It is brief & concise.

Desiring God Ministries – John Piper has a number of sermons in which he went through the book of Acts.  While I don’t always agree with his view like “signs & wonders are for today”, I really like his straight forward approach to the Scriptures along with his insights.  Bob Deffinbaugh is one of many Dallas Theological Seminary guys on this website.  I like to look at views from ones in different theological camps (Dispensational, reformed, charismatic, etc.).  Bob is “Dispensational” and I really like how he goes “deep”.

Calvin Commentaries – HIs twenty-eight volume set of commentaries is one of the best gifts I ever got.  God gifted him with deeper insight than anyone I have ever read.    I think you can have access to all 28 volumes for free on the web, but I am an old fashioned paper and pen guy, so I like holding a book.

Others that I find useful depending on the passage: Ungers Bible Dictionary, various greek “helps”, a couple of systematic theologies (Grudem & Erickson), and the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology.

I probably have forgotten some others. 

After looking at all these sources, I like to pray, meditate and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me into all the truth.  He is the best Teacher!

If you want to recommend sources for this series on Acts or any series, please let me know.

Endeavoring to love His Word more,


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