Together for Adoption

October 7, 2010

What could possibly motivate an everyday couple to adopt a child? And if someone else I know adopts a child, but I do not feel led to do the same, what business is that to me as a Christian? Listen to how God has been speaking to specific people in Liveoak Bible Church out of Romans 15:1-14, James 1:27, and Isaiah 58 and what they are doing about it. (From the church gathering on Sunday October 3, 2010)

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  1.   Kelly Liao said:

    A few tidbits of background and reference. Adoption, foster care, and serving the poor has not been a new concept to members of Liveoak Bible Church. Most recently, several members participated in an adoption conference called Together for Adoption (

    In 2007 UNICEF reported that about 18.5 million children in the world have lost both parents out of 163 million children technically classified as an HIV/AIDS orphan. At that time, about 925,000 of the children who had lost both parents were under the age of 5, or sick, or disabled and in true need of adoption.

    Since these figures ONLY account for HIV/AIDS cases and do not include many major industrialized countries such as the U.S., other orphan care issues vary from country to country and city to city.


  2.   Hannah Venable said:

    I would be interested in doing a day to fast and pray as a church about this issue of adoption. Perhaps God will give us more guidance on how we can minister in this area. Are others interested?

  3.   Kelly Liao said:

    I’ve been meaning to reply – yes – let’s pray and fast for guidance about playing our part!

  4.   Carolyn Anne Venable said:

    If you know any Christian couples that would like to parent children in the foster care system, there is an opportunity to live in a nicely furnished home in a wonderful neighborhood funded by a foundation in Richmond, TX. Interested couples can contact me for more info.

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